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Why Choose Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

5 Reasons to Switch to a Bluetooth Hearing Aid

Hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity are incredibly powerful. Many hearing aid manufacturers now make devices with Bluetooth, ranging in different technology levels. They offer exceptional sound quality that is on par with normal hearing and connectivity to your favorite smart devices.

Bluetooth hearing aids are designed to make your listening experience easier and more seamless. With a Bluetooth hearing aid, you can stay connected and enjoy all the sounds you love.

Why Should You Try a Bluetooth Hearing Aid?

  1. Wireless Connectivity. With Bluetooth connectivity you can stream phone calls, music, and other audio directly to your hearing aids. With Bluetooth, you don’t need an intermediary device to clearly hear the speaker on the other end of the phone or to hear the TV.
  2. Control Through an App. Most hearing aid manufacturers have an app that can be downloaded onto your smartphone. With this app, you can connect your hearing aids and control them from the palm of your hand. You can adjust the volume, change listening programs, or track your hearing progress with ease.
  3. Personalized Listening Experience. The audio signal from your devices can be set to stream to one or both hearing aids and the streamed signal can be amplified and customized to match the hearing aid’s settings. This is great for listening to music or TV audio.
  4. Multiple Connections. Bluetooth hearing aids can usually be paired to multiple devices, so you can easily switch between your audio sources. For example, you can be connected to your smartphone while you stream a movie from your tablet, and still be able to hear the audio.
  5. Bluetooth Standard Protocol. Bluetooth is an electronics industry standard protocol, so it’s not unique to a specific hearing aid brand. Bluetooth works the same across any device.

Bluetooth hearing aids are FDA approved and have been tested and refined through the Bluetooth platform. These types of hearing aids are safe to use and have a long lifespan.

Try Bluetooth Hearing Aids Today

There are many advantages to wearing a Bluetooth hearing aid. From better hearing to easy connectivity, a Bluetooth hearing aid can make your life easier. These hearing aids are designed to provide you with better, more seamless hearing.

If you are interested in Bluetooth hearing aids, or you would like to upgrade your current devices, call us today. We want you to hear your best and enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity in your hearing aids. Contact us to make an appointment to go over your options for Bluetooth hearing aids.