“Of all the testing I have had for my hearing, Teri was the best. The hearing aids she recommended are above and beyond others offered to me. The follow up is excellent.”

- Robert D.

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At Quednau Quality Hearing, we understand how hearing loss can affect your life because we've been in your shoes. Our hearing instrument specialist, Teri Quednau, has been wearing hearing aids herself for over twenty years, and she knows the difference they can make. Now, she's passionate about helping other people with hearing loss get their lives back too.

That's what drives us every day — improving quality of life. We're here to be your partner as you go down the path toward better hearing. Whether you visit our home office or would prefer us to travel to you, you can rest assured that your hearing is in good hands.

Insurance News

On January 1, 2020, Hearing Aid Dispensers (like Teri) will be classified as Hearing Care Professionals by Illinois Law. This means that our practice is now included in Illinois' newly expanded hearing coverage. We are proud to be in network with several insurance providers including Aetna, Humana, United Hearing Healthcare, BCBS, and Health Alliance.

Call our office or schedule an appointment today to learn more about your coverage options. For more information regarding the legislation changes, click the links below!

Veteran with hearing aids

We service all veterans' hearing aids for free. Come see us if you don't want to drive all the way to Danville. We work on most brands.

Quednau Quality Hearing apart of BBB

Central Illionis Business - Teri Quednau was recently featured on the Central Illinois Business' Facebook Page and their April/May issue!

Click here to discover five things to ask before purchasing hearing aids!

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Helping Students in Need

Quednau Quality Hearing volunteering at Bears Care Back to School Health Fair Group at Bears Care Back to School Health Fair

Giving Back with the Bears: Quednau Quality Hearing Helps Chicago Students in Need Prepare for a Healthy School Year.

On July 27, 2019, Teri Quednau provided hearing healthcare services in Bourbonnais, Illinois, to students in need. This took place at the Bears Care Back to School Health Fair, an event sponsored by Catholic Charities and Bears Care, a branch of the Chicago Bears.

The health fair is a collaborative effort by organizations passionate about making a difference for students of Kankakee and Iroquois counties as they face a new school year. At the event, children and their families can receive services such as hearing and dental care, school physicals, nutritional information, child development education, financial support, school supplies, haircuts, and more.

For seven consecutive years, representatives from EarQ, a nationwide network of independent hearing healthcare providers, have contributed to the health fair. As a member of the EarQ network and a practice dedicated to helping others, our practice was eager to participate. We provided free hearing screenings, free cleanings, and hearing health education to attendees.

"At Quednau Quality Hearing, we are driven each day by improving quality of life," says Teri. "Helping children improve their hearing health before they start the school year is a great opportunity to ensure they have a healthy future."

Why Quednau?

Woman getting hearing aids at Quednau Quality Hearing
  • We take the time to do things right. We will never rush you through an appointment; we pride ourselves on truly listening to patients. We are also very thorough with our testing. We don't just test hearing, we do speech testing and use a video otoscope to look in your ears.
  • We educate patients on hearing loss and their treatment options. We make sure you understand your hearing loss and we never pressure you into buying hearing aids. Only you can decide if they are right for you. We want to help you, not make a sale.
  • We will travel to you for appointments. We offer mobile services and will travel up to an hour's drive to come see you. We bring all our equipment so we can offer a full range of services on the go.
  • We know what hearing loss is like. When we talk to you about the pros and cons of hearing aids, you can trust that we're speaking from firsthand experience.
  • We offer free lifetime service on hearing aids. If you choose to buy hearing aids from us, you'll never have to pay for another appointment for fitting, repairs, or retesting. We're not interested in nickel-and-diming you. We just want you to hear better!

Your First Appointment

Hearing aid consultation in Champaign, IL

We always budget plenty of time to give you a full evaluation and answer your questions. Your first appointment will take approximately two hours, and you'll walk out with an understanding of your hearing loss, your treatment options, and (if you decide to purchase hearing aids) how to get the most out of your hearing devices.

We recommend bringing your significant other to your appointment. They can give additional insight into your hearing loss and make notes of the information we give you. This also allows us to run our tests using their familiar voice instead of ours.

  • When you arrive, we'll greet you and help you get situated. Our office is comfortable and relaxing. We prefill our forms based on the responses you've already given us so we don’t overwhelm you with paperwork.
  • Our hearing instrument specialist will get to know you and then ask you questions to get a better sense of your hearing. She will ask you about your lifestyle and what you've been having trouble hearing. She will also walk you through how the ear works, what exactly hearing loss is, and how hearing loss affects cognitive issues and memory.
  • Next, we run through our hearing evaluation. This includes a video otoscope (which lets you see inside your own ear), as well as pure tone, bone conduction, speech recognition testing, and more. We'll also do a speech-in-noise test, which lets us evaluate a common challenge among people with hearing loss.
  • After your evaluation, we'll go over your results and what they mean. Then we'll talk about what kind of hearing aids might fit your hearing loss and your lifestyle. We'll program a pair of demo hearing aids to your prescription and let you try them out while we discuss your options.
  • If you decide you do want to move forward with hearing aids, we'll set you up with a 45-day risk-free trial, and then we'll keep in touch to see how you feel about your new hearing devices!

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Note: Wednesdays not available for online booking; if you need a Wednesday appointment, please call or email us.

Quednau Quality Hearing is dedicated to helping you hear and live your life to the fullest. Get started today!

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