We provide a wide range of hearing healthcare services.

Quednau Hearing Services

Quednau Hearing is dedicated to helping CU and the surrounding communities hear. We take a compassionate approach to care and always schedule plenty of time to be thorough and to answer your questions.

Teri Quednau Hearing Instrument Specialist performing hearing test

Hearing Aid Services

We budget up to two hours for our first meeting. This gives us plenty of time for all of us to understand your hearing loss, your treatment options and the potential cost

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Redux: Not Just Another
Hearing Aid Drier

Redux is the industry’s first professional in-office system to offer complete and verified hearing instrument drying!

With the push of a button, the Redux system safely and completely removes moisture from hearing aids, implants, and hearables in just minutes while providing verification of water removed. Redux’s patented technology creates a vacuum to lower the evaporation point of water and then safely applies heat to remove moisture from both traditionally powered and rechargeable devices. An internal humidity sensor allows the hardware to wirelessly report the amount of moisture removed in real-time.

Redux hearing aids

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