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Teri Quednau probably isn't what you picture when you try to imagine a hearing instrument specialist. She's very down-to-earth, a Harley-riding mom and grandma who wears jeans, not a lab coat. She also wears a hearing aid. When she was 32 years old, she was diagnosed with a genetic conductive hearing loss, and she's now on her fourth hearing device.

What that means is that Teri understands the challenges of hearing loss. She knows that it can be frustrating, confusing, or overwhelming. And she knows what a difference hearing aids can make because she's had her own life transformed by them.

Her experience inspired her to get her hearing instrument specialist certification and begin Quednau Hearing, so she could help others like her.

Teri Quednau

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Teri Quednau, Hearing Instrument Specialist in Staley, IL

Teri's mission is to pay it forward and help others with hearing loss lead more active and fulfilling lives. More than that, she wants to educate and empower them so they're able to make decisions about their own hearing and get the most out of their hearing aids. Quednau Hearing isn't just a place to buy hearing aids, and we don't think of ourselves as hearing aid salespeople. Instead, we are your partner in better hearing health. We'll explain everything to you — your hearing system, your individual hearing loss, what to expect from hearing aids, and how to take care of and operate your hearing aid

During her career as a hearing instrument specialist, Teri has seen other practices that didn't take the time to do things right, and their patients kept having to come back to have their hearing aids fixed or reprogrammed. That's not how we do things. We make sure to program your hearing aids right the first time, even though it means working harder, and we also take the time to fully educate you on using them.

We also focus on our own education. Teri is always looking for opportunities to learn more and improve her skills. She's experienced more than twenty years of hearing technology firsthand, and she wants to keep on top of new evolutions in hearing aids as well as advances in fitting and programming hearing aids.

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